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Three-Phase OCPP Charging Station, 2 x 22 kW with 2 Type 2 Outlets


This three-phase charging station for mode 3 AC charging has the following features:


- Aluminum supporting structure designed for floor mounting.

- LEDs indicating the operating status of the station.

- Customization options with the customer's logo or brand.


Equipped with:

- 2 Type 2 outlets according to IEC/EN 62196-2 standards for mode 3 charging according to IEC/EN 61851-1 standards.

- Equipped with protective shutters and plug extraction lock to prevent tampering.


Maximum deliverable current: 32A three-phase 400 Vac.

Enclosure protection rating: IP55.


The charging stations include:

- Mifare Classic RFID reader.

- Stop button to terminate charging.

- Use of the OCPP 1.6j protocol.

- Connectivity management via Ethernet.


Excluding Sales Tax
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