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Yoga nella natura

Wallbox Pow02 Premium

Designed for outdoors respecting the surrounding nature

Pow02 Premium

Shareable via APP - Three-phase or single-phase up to 22 kw

Outdoor version with wall or floor support

POW02 PREMIUM consists of a sturdy powder-coated aluminum container, cylindrical in shape, 40cm high. and a screen-printed plexiglass front panel on which the following components are housed:

  • A 4-line LCD display with three function keys,

  • a crown with 9 multicolor LEDs, a Type 2 socket.

  • The RFID module for reading Smart Cards or Badges is included


POW02 is ready to use and comes with a 1.5-meter long 3x4mm power cable. In the TC2 version, it is equipped with a 5-meter cable with a Type 2 connector, WiFi module, and RS485 interface for connecting to the home load control system.

The configuration of POW02 is done through a web interface accessible from any smartphone, through which it is possible to program the maximum power and other characteristic parameters.

POW02 TW PREMIUM enjoys all the benefits of PREMIUM products.

Monetizable 100% Automatic 

No Plastic Case

Eco materials

Low Comsumption

Plug and Play

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