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Colonnina Pow01 Premium

The quick charge EVC station suitable for any city and location that becomes public thanks to Powandgo

Pow01 Premium

Shareable via APP - Three-phase up to 44 kw

POW01 is made up of a sturdy cylindrical aluminum container, 170 cm tall, powder-coated, and has a front panel made of silk-screened plexiglass, which houses the following components:

  • Two touch-type stop buttons

  • 2 Display LCD  4 lines with three function keys

  • Two rings of 9 multicolored LEDs and their respective electronic control boards

  • Two Type 2 outlets

  • WiFi module for remote diagnostics from our center

  • RFID module for reading Smart Cards or Badges

Inside, there is a galvanized sheet metal frame on which the following devices are mounted:

  • An electronic control board

  • A magnetic circuit breaker

The charging station is designed to be installed outdoors and has an IP55 protection rating. The charging station is provided with a galvanized steel base for easy installation.

The configuration of POW01 is done through a web interface accessible from any smartphone, through which it is possible to program the maximum power and other characteristic parameters.

POW01 PREMIUM enjoys all the benefits of the PREMIUM package.

Monetizable 100% Automatic 

No Plastic Case

Eco materials

Low Comsumption

Plug and Play

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