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Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

Wallbox PowEco

Designed for the environment and for our future

PowEco Mono


PowEco PREMIUM is a single-phase 230Vac wallbox with a maximum power of 7.2kW that complies with the IEC 61851-1 charging standards.

EPowEco is made up of a sturdy circular aluminum enclosure with a serigraphed plexiglass front panel featuring 1 button and 9 multicolored LEDs to indicate the status of the wallbox and any alarms.

PowEco is ready to use and comes with a 1.5-meter long 3x4mm power cable. In the MC2 version, it is equipped with a 5-meter cable with a Type 2 connector and an RS485 interface for connection to the home load control system.

The configuration of PowEco is done through the button, which allows you to program the maximum power and other characteristic parameters.

No Plastic Case

Eco materials

Low Comsumption

Plug and Play

This load-integrated wallbox is the ideal solution for quickly and easily charging multiple electric and hybrid vehicles. It can accommodate different types of vehicles, making it suitable for residential buildings. This energy-efficient and cost-effective charging system is perfect for those seeking eco-friendly charging solutions. By purchasing this wallbox, you are also supporting an important environmental project, which will bring you even greater satisfaction.

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