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Dicover the world ofPowandgo

Powandgo is the only application that, in addition to offering the private charge sharing service, includes all the functions that are currently available only by downloading multiple applications. This way, you will have a world of services available in just one app

We monetize any private charging point


All the informations in your hand

The only interactive map that provides you with all the information at your fingertips!

On the map, you can see in real-time around you not only the shared Powandgo charging points but also public charging stations and if there is an SOS charging service available.

Thanks to innovative icons, you can see the type of charging station, its power, whether it is available or occupied, the occupancy or reservation time, and the type of charging (private or commercial establishments). There is also a list view available with the closest charging points, allowing you to reserve the necessary charging point and start real-time navigation.


Your trip Always under control

Before embarking on a journey, it is essential to know where to recharge your car along the way. Thanks to the innovative Trip Planner feature, you can save time by finding all the shared private charging stations along your route!

It is possible to reserve the charging station for the required period, ensuring that you have all the necessary information at your fingertips to make your travel experience safe and comfortable.


Never without energy!

Thanks to SOS Charge Delivery, you can not only earn but also become a Charge Delivery provider!

If you urgently need a recharge and there are no charging points nearby, our community will come to you and charge your car.

There are two types of SOS charging: Car2Car, where other drivers with reverse charging capabilities can recharge your vehicle, or specialized companies that will reach you wherever you are with their mobile power stations.


The only charging service that makes you saving

The only map that not only provides public charging stations but also includes shared private charging stations, giving you the opportunity to find cost-saving charging options.

Private charging stations offer significantly more competitive prices and provide numerous extra services to their users. You can communicate directly with private owners through the app, ensuring that your phone numbers remain private.

Furthermore, private destinations and addresses will only be visible upon purchasing a charging session to safeguard the privacy of our users.


A 5 stars service!

Thanks to our internal community, user safety is always guaranteed.

All charging stations and users will have their profiles with feedback provided by other users. This allows you to have all the necessary information about the location, charging station, and user before initiating a charging session.

For charging hosts, it will also be possible to view the feedback received from various drivers before accepting any requests.

This feature is designed to enhance the safety, uniqueness, and excitement of the social charging experience.

Powandgo Charge sharing app

A single charge sharing app with all the charging services

Powandgo Charge sharing app
Powandgo Charge sharing app
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