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Investing in Powandgo

Powandgo is an innovative startup that has already received investments in several funding rounds, as well as being accelerated by incubators and investment funds.

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Why to invest in Powandgo

The sharing economy is a broad and growing market (B2C and B2B).

Increasing demand for peer-to-peer services.

  •  Rising cost of energy.

  •  Lack of charging infrastructure.

  •  Growing trend in the electric mobility market.

  •  Increased focus on savings by individuals and companies.

  •  Rise in social experiences and the digital world.


The electric mobility segment will represent a significant share of the global market due to the increasing number of electric vehicles and the need to move away from traditional fuels in order to protect the environment and combat global warming.


Scalability: The organizational model of the sharing economy in the electric mobility sector can scale rapidly due to the increasing demand and supply from individuals and businesses.


Social impact: The climate emergency has forced us to eliminate combustion engines and prioritize the electric mobility market. However, there remains an infrastructural problem in building charging stations, and many users living in large cities will not be able to have a private charging point and will be forced to charge their vehicles at public stations with increasing costs.


Team: Powandgo's team consists of professionals such as experienced managers from established companies and entrepreneurs with expertise in startup creation and exits.


Exit Strategy:

  • Growth through acquisition by funds.

  • Acquisition and merger with other market players.

Today, the electric mobility market is experiencing significant growth. Interesting results have been seen in the number of exits involving startups active in electric mobility in Europe from 2019 to the end of 2022.

Mergers and acquisitions represent the majority of exits achieved by European startups, particularly in the battery, automobile, and charging station sectors, which have been the most sought after in the past decade.

The average time between the foundation of startups and their exit is 3 to 5 years, which is lower compared to other types of startups.

Advisoring & Acceleration


Sleem Hasan

Founder and CEO

A Financial Entrepreneur with a truly global background. Born in Fiji of Pakistani parentage, raised in Nigeria, Oxbridge educated, worked with the Japanese at Nikko and now resident in Dubai, UAE. Founded Privity in 2004, an early stage venture-focused firm in Dubai; founded Hasan

Our investors


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