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POW03 TP2 PREMIUM is a three-phase 400Vac wallbox with a maximum power of 22 kW, compliant with the IEC 61851-1 charging standards.


POW03 features a robust circular aluminum enclosure with powder coating and a front panel made of screen-printed plexiglass. The wallbox is equipped with an LCD display and three touch buttons for adjusting various parameters, including:


- Maximum power to be delivered

- Amount of kW to be delivered

- Delay at the start


It is equipped with a WiFi module and an RS485 interface for connection to the home load control system.


Configuration of POW03 is done through a web interface accessible from any smartphone, allowing you to program the maximum power and other characteristic parameters.

WALLBOX PREMIUM 22kw (con presa tipo 2)

Excluding Sales Tax
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