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Three-phase 22 kW outdoor wallbox with pole


POW02 TW2 PREMIUM is an outdoor wallbox, three-phase 400 Vac, with a maximum power of 22 kW, equipped with a Type 2 charging socket, compliant with IEC 61851-1 standards.


POW02 TW2 PREMIUM consists of a sturdy powder-coated aluminum enclosure, cylindrical in shape and 40 cm tall, with a front panel made of screen-printed plexiglass housing the following components:


- A 4-line LCD display with three functional buttons, a crown with 9 multicolored LEDs, and a Type 2 socket.

- It includes an RFID module for reading Smart Cards or Badges.


The wallbox is designed for external installation on a pedestal and has an IP55 protection rating. Configuration of POW02 TW2 PREMIUM can be done through a web interface accessible via an Android or iOS smartphone.


POW02 TW2 PREMIUM offers all the benefits of PREMIUM products.


COLONNINA PREMIUM 7.3KW (1 presa tipo 2 - uso esterno)

1.388,80 €Preis
exkl. MwSt.
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