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Stop allowing others to profit from your personal data

Autopilot your data. Earn money.

Dive into a world where your information finally pays off. Earning REAL money from your data. 

Turn Your Data into Real Money with Datoo!

Your online activities are constantly monitored. Countless firms gather and monetize your data. Everyone profits from your data, except you. Datoo revolutionizes this!

We spend 80% of our day on our phones and our data is being used by someone

A more conscious use of personal data.

Take control of your personal data like never before! With Datoo you'll be able to share your data in a more conscious and efficient way, while also unlocking the potential to monetize it.

Yes, you read that right - by sharing your data, you'll receive REAL MONEY. Don't miss out on this opportunity to benefit from your own data

Be the Master of your own data!

Your online activities are constantly tracked, and countless companies gather and profit from your data. Datoo is here to change that!

Turn Your Data now
Real Money 

Share your data with Datoo community 

Users can now manage their data consciously and monetize it by receiving Real Money!

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